About Us

Aussan Natural®'s Room Odor Eliminator & Pet Odor Eliminator are made to address all of our smelly problems in life; those we find in our bathrooms, with baby diapers, the adorable new puppy’s accidents, in the garbage can – and everywhere else bad odors occur.

Here at Aussan Natural®, we’re just like you – parents, pet owners, sports enthusiasts,… – who want to be healthier, exercise more and be friendlier to the environment and the world around us. Life is messy and can be pretty stinky as every parent knows. There are plenty of air fresheners on the market that leave a pleasant smell – but rely on artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals to be effective. Our families will not use these products to avoid possible allergic and chemical reactions. Our objective is to promote a healthier lifestyle, make better and safer products – and help create awareness that there are natural and reliable alternatives available for eliminating household odors.

Trust us, we know bad odors!