About Us

The people that work for the Aussan Natural brand are parents, pet owners, sports enthusiasts, friends and family. We want to be healthier, exercise more, be patient, be kinder and take care of ourselves and the world around us. We avoid using products that are harmful to people, pets and the environment – and believe so should everyone else.

In today’s marketplace, you will find very few natural products that eliminate odors. However, there are plenty of air fresheners available that leave a pleasant smell – but rely on artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals to be effective. Our families will not use these products

because of our belief that we deserve a safer alternative.

Our objective is to promote a healthier lifestyle, make better and safer products – and help create awareness that there are natural and reliable alternatives available for everyday household needs. Aussan Natural's All-Purpose & Pet Odor Eliminator safely work to eliminate common household odors.