Aussan Natural Room Odor Eliminator, Natural Plant Bioflavonoids

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There’s no doubt about it: North Americans are obsessed with home fragrances. These “fresheners” that we liberally spray throughout our homes and furniture are full of questionable chemicals. Published studies have found that chemicals in synthetic air fresheners have been linked to causing headaches and dizziness and to more serious conditions such as respiratory illness and even certain types of cancers. While the link between traditional chemical cleaning products causing ill effects is becoming well known, awareness of the potential harm and risks of air care products is not as widespread.

So what are the risks? When spraying these products we are not only inhaling them - they are being absorbed through the skin. Everything you spray into the air eventually finds its way onto surfaces like counter tops, beds and the floor. Who spends their time on the floor? Our pets and our young children do. With more parents reporting increased allergies and illness in their children, and canine cancers suspiciously on the rise, the need for a natural alternative has never been more important.

What makes Aussan Natural®’s Room Odor Eliminator & Pet Odor Eliminator different? 

        Patent Pending Technology Using Plant Bioflavonoids
        Third Party Certified
        Full Disclosure Ingredient Listing
        Free From Artificial Fragrances
        Targets Odors At The Source, Does Not Just Mask Them
        Artificial Preservative Free
        Phthalate Free
        Dye Free
        A Little Goes A Long Way

Nothing Artificial. Naturally Works. Innovative Air Care.

Aussan Natural Pet Odor Eliminator, Natural Plant Bioflavonoids